Personal Shopper


Job Description

At TONS we deliver groceries from local stores to customers in as little as 2 hours. Shoppers, Cashiers, and Delivery Drivers delight our customers at each step of this process.
In-Store Shoppers are Full-time employees who focus on ensuring our customers’ grocery orders are complete and of the highest quality. They are based locally at a designated TONS store location and spend their complete shift grocery shopping using TONS’s TONS-Shopper application on a compatible Smartphone.


  • Customer Service: Communicate in a positive, professional manner with the customer using customer-preferred method of messaging or phone
  • Quality: Select the highest quality produce and perishables. Handle and pack items with care to avoid damage
  • Efficiency & Timeliness: Accept and fulfill orders efficiently, accurately and completely based on store inventory to meet delivery times
  • Care: Find comparable alternatives and use good judgment to ensure preferences are considered when in selecting product replacements or making refunds
  • Teamwork: Assist other shoppers with orders as needed

Relevant Experience

  • Retail Experience (1+ years)
  • Grocery Experience (1+ years)
  • Customer Service Experience (2+ years)
  • Culinary Experience (Cooking, Catering, etc.) (1+ years)


Qualified applicants must be able to do the following with or without a reasonable accommodation:

  • Communicate and work well on a team in a fast-paced environment
  • Deliver customer service that meets or exceeds customer needs
  • Organize, plan and prioritize tasks
  • Develop knowledge of products, product pricing, and store layout
  • Problem-solve effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of produce and interest in learning more
  • Demonstrate strong attention to detail
  • Lift 15-25 KG
  • Purchase Tobacco legally (21+)
  • Consistently access and familiarity with a recent smartphone (iPhone 5 or above or Android 4.0+)

Location: Kuwait

Deadline: Ongoing

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